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Learning Turkish

Dem Publishing & Language Services

Turkish language books, resources and lessons.

e-learning Turkish grammar and language

Free online lessons of Turkish language and grammar. It contains theory, exercises and audio visual material

Learn Turkish Now

Online Turkish lessons offered by native Turkish teacher.

Learn Turkish on your iPod

Turkish on your iPod lessons may not teach you the language in full, but it contains enough of the most common travel phrases to help you keep travelling safely.

Learning Practical Turkish

Learn Turkish of the People. Basic Turkish Free, Films/Movies, Turkish Names Meanings, Love Talk, Turkish Language Lessons


Livemocha is the world’s most popular language learning site. With 2 million members it is the most effective way to learn a language. Take online lessons, practice with native speakers using our innovative language learning software, and learn to speak...

Manisa Turkish

The Turkish Language and its Grammar explained for English Speakers. This website does not pretend to be a course in Turkish, but rather it explains and answers some of the difficulties that the learner of Turkish may encounter along their...

Online Turkish

Online Turkish offers online courses to learn Turkish language; includes listening exercises recorded by native speakers, online dictionary, pronunciation guide, vocabulary and Turkey related links. Ataturk, football, Galatasaray, Ottoman, travel, sport, cuisine, music links.

Online Turkish Translation by Google

Online Turkish Translation by Google’s translation produced by state-of-the-art technology, without the intervention of human translators. Automatic translation is also often referred to as machine translation.

Sesli Sozluk – Online Turkish Dictionary

Seslisozluk is a multilanguage dictionary, primarily English to Turkish and Turkish to English. As of February 2009, it is one of the two top ranked sites among such dictionaries according to the Google PageRank order, and has a rank of...