Erenler Sofrasi

Erenler Sofras? is based on Turkish cuisine and centers on a loving use of fresh seasonal vegetables, the bountiful wild greens of Bodrum and the best olive oil and herbs.Erenler Sofrasi is a small restaurant with a panoramic view of the Aegean coast and surrounding mountains. It is located inside the sacred village of Yarbasan Tas Evleri (Stone Houses of Yarbasan), a housing project that recalls the architectural style of ancient Halicarnassus. The name of our restaurant derives from the Sufi tradition of being welcoming to all guests. Our menu is based on Mediterranean fusion to reflect our passion for fresh and mostly wild-grown vegetables, which we offer in many different versions and tastes

Yarbasan Tas Evleri no 13 Bodrum 48200 Turkey
+90 5322482479