Istanbul Blogger

Istanbul was a place I vaguely new of and never really gave any focus on whilst I l lived and grew up in England and settled into the familiar daily life of living in England. Many things and my personal outlook had changed during my life in England and has I grew older I became more and more frustrated with England and its direction it was taking. Has an Englishmen I like to think I am a very patriotic person , I like traditional values , I like to see historical traditions around me in my daily life and that is one thing I began see disappear around me rapidly . I am not going to go into those reasons why because I am not a politically educated person to voice my opinion to the masses, however like anyone I have a view of what I see and dislike.Also let me say this not a blog on how beautiful Istanbul is you already know that and there are hundreds of written books on how this city looks. This is about me and my getting to grips of living in a city of this magnitude. In one word (guzel) you could sum up Istanbul but there is more to experience you cant evaluate this city on the back of a 2 week vacation you will leave craving for more

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