Melissa Maples

Melissa Maples is one of the genius photographers that I have discovered through Flickr. Here is some explanation by her own words -Melissa Maples is a musician and writer. She began her career as a professional musician at the age of eight, and after many years of performance and private music study she earned her B.A. with honours from Paul McCartney’s prestigious Fame School the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, where she specialized in critical aural analysis and music production. After opening her own music school, she took some time to see the world and write about her experiences, a decision which soon evolved into an additional career as a writer. Melissa’s journeys over the past three decades have taken her across four continents, and she has spent the last ten years living in Europe and then in Asia. She is currently based on the Turkish Riviera, where she is writing her latest novel and working on several photography projects.-