The site contains images and articles (many of which have been previously published) produced by Barry and Margaret Williamson in the course of 18 years of travel by motorhome, bicycle, hiking, car, train, boat and plane. The aim is to develop the website as a collecting point for the shared experience of people travelling particularly by motorhome and/or bicycle in Europe, South and South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.A secondary aim is to share ideas on long-term sustainable travel for people on a fixed income., Welcome to Magbaz Travels. It’s our place for the images, logs, information and published articles generated by 18 years of travel. We aim to be independent and our journeys are mainly by motorhome and bicycle, but we also use our motorbike and walking boots and have been known to travel by bus, train, truck, plane and hire car. The material will cover 50 countries in Europe, West, South and East Asia, Australasia, the USA and Canada, North and South Africa