Sesli Sozluk – Online Turkish Dictionary

Seslisozluk is a multilanguage dictionary, primarily English to Turkish and Turkish to English. As of February 2009, it is one of the two top ranked sites among such dictionaries according to the Google PageRank order, and has a rank of 6 among all online dictionaries worldwide. Ottoman Turkish,German, Italian, French, Spanish, Greek translations also are provided. The online dictionary also can be used in PDAs, SmartPhones, any phone supporting a web, established in 1999 as one of the first English-Turkish online dictionaries, is a non-profit user-supported online dictionary. The name comes from Turkish sesli sozluk, -dictionary with sound-, because the site enables members to listen to the pronunciation of the words.A contribution system lets users add new translations. With the user contribution feature, the dictionary has been steadily growing since it was started, and has now reached more than 2 million entries. Its users appreciate the easy user interface, fast response and multilanguage capability. The website also has a user has released it’s new version, version 5 in December 2008. With this version of the dictionary, word rating feature lets users vote for the best word for given search. For example, a 5 star word is listed in the first place.With new search bar features, users can see search related images, can listen pronunciations automatically, can see results in compact view and can use a multi language virtual keyboard.