Turkish Language Certificate Programme

If you want to learn Turkish but you don?t have enough time, there is a programme suitable to meet your needs. Anadolu University Turkish Language Certificate Programme (TCP) will enable you to use Turkish for your daily life. And this is even without being far from your computer! Are you ready to take a trip to dialogue, tolerance and new evolution with a sincere -Merhaba-?Anadolu University, which is one of the most experienced education institutions in the world in the field of open education, now gives a new chance to the ones who want to learn Turkish for different purposes. The Turkish Language Certificate programme has been prepared after analyzing your resources and needs. Thanks to this program, which is completely Internet Based, you can learn Turkish without time and place limitations and prove this with a certificate issued by Anadolu University. Do you wonder how?All your learning processes including your registration will be done via the Turkish Language Certificate Programme (TCP) website. You will receive your materials and facilitation service via the Internet as well. In addition to receiving synchronized consultancy in an e-class environment, you will be able to learn Turkish through audio-visual education materials that are part of a modern language education. The Turkish Language Certificate Programme is designed in accordance with the European Language standards.

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