Turkish Tea Photos

These are some of the tea photos from our "I was in Turkey" group on Flickr. All the pictures on this page come from our photo group on Flickr. If you can say "I was in Turkey" then go ahead, share your Turkey photos and have fun.

istanbul tea by kexi
 by TaMiMi Q8
 by TaMiMi Q8
Tea Time by istanbulnorthend
Weekend Breakfast Table by cafe noHut
 by TaMiMi Q8
Çay by istanbulnorthend
Apple Tea by Keith Watson Photography
Hasan by Linus Wärn
Çay by Linus Wärn
Kıraathanesi, Safranbolu by istanbulnorthend
Life in Eyüp #016 by Marietto
Waiting for the call (1) by Guido Dingemans
Life in Kadıköy #007 by Marietto
Life in Beşiktaş #002 by Marietto
Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage by TaMiMi Q8
 by TaMiMi Q8
Teaset by maistora
Life in Kadıköy #006 by Marietto
Life in Sultanahmet #008 by Marietto
IMG_0265 by magda♥bee {busy with life}
Galata view and Turkish tea. by azorlu
Colours by a eggleden
Taxim by a eggleden
Grand Bazar by a eggleden
Efeso - Izmir - Türkiye -TURCHIA - IMG_4310 C 2 d 3 f by chiccofratta
Turkish breakfast by Carlo Rainone
Jasmine Tea - Spice Bazaar, Istanbul by Malc ©
Midday tea in a tea garden behind Misir Carsisi by kemal atli
tea glass on a cold wet hood by delikizinyeri
Turkish Tea Set by Flying Snail
Turkish Tea @ The Grand Bazaar by Flying Snail
tea on the ferry by delikizinyeri
Life in Eyüp #008 by Marietto
Turkey - Trekking the Lycian Way - Kas by grandrake
While waiting by maistora
Life in Sultanahmet #007 by Marietto
30 Ağustos Zafer Bayramı by CharlesFred

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